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Wednesday, June 20 – Bet Shemesh, Israel

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You’re asking me for a bracha?

A special needs child is a bracha!

He brings bracha to his family, his neighborhood and to the community.

Rebbetzen Kanievsky a”h

(when asked by a mother for a bracha for her special needs child)

Ezrat Achim Special Needs Division

Our after school services run literally 365 days a year.
Whenever schools close, Ezrat Achim opens – weekdays, Shabbat, chag and even on Yom Kippur.

The children thrive under the care of our specialized staff, who combine professionalism and passion to maximize each child’s potential. While the children flourish in our structured and nurturing programs, their families gain precious hours of respite in the 24/7 challenge of raising a special needs child.

Our goal is to continue to develop our services so that these vital programs will be accessible to all the special needs children in Bet Shemesh.

▪ Developmental Delay Center ▪ Autistic Center ▪ Teen Group for Boys with ASD ▪ Center for the Visually Impaired
▪ Summer Camp Respite ▪ Shabbat Getaways ▪ Summer Camp Respite ▪ Shabbat Getaways

Our Mission

At Ezrat Achim we see beyond the limited cognitive and physical abilities of our special children. Our dedicated staff and volunteers understand that each and every child has a unique neshama, signed and stamped by the Creator Himself.

At our centers, each child is cherished and valued as a prized Masterpiece.

The children feel it. The parents know it.

That’s our hallmark.

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